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EDF (European Data Format) is a format designed for interchanging neurophysiological data. A Danish, Portuguese, Finnish and Dutch engineer wanted to compare each others sleep analysis algorithms, so they needed a common format to exchange sleep recordings.  As far as I know, an important reunion took place in Leiden (the Dutch city where Einthoven taught Physiology). The result was an open format widely used in Clinical Neurophysiology. You can find much more information at Bob Kemp's site

EDF+ tries to use the same principles to archival and exchange
ENG, EMG, EP, ECG, EEG and PSG data. You will find the normative document of EDF+ at Bob Kemp's site

This section of Neurotraces  was designed to increase the knowledge of EDF+ and at present includes (Physionet style):

 EDFNET: Tutorials on EDF

 EDFBANK: An archive of neurophysiological recordings

  • A database comprising 250 EDF+ files  (Nerve Conduction Studies of Median, Ulnar and Radial nerve)

  • A database of  EDF+ files  (EMG signals in Tibialis Anterior)

 EDFTOOLKIT: Some tools for EDF(+) processing

  • Some programs to handle EDF(+) files. You can download the sources (for Linux/Windows OS) as well as the Windows binaries at the download page download page

  • edfEdit (to edit the header of EDF files):  A tutorial about its use.

  • edfAnn  (to edit the annotations of EDF+ files): A tutorial about its use.

  • edfAsc  (to import/export EDF files from/to ASCII files): A tutorial about its use.

One of the differences between EDF+ and EDF is that EDF+ can contain discontinuous recordings. To gain some insight of the differences between continuous and discontinuous recordings you can check the interesting applets included at 
Horace Townsend's site, especially those of a continuous recording (en EEG recording with several montages and markers) and a  discontinuous one (an EP recording). 

Since Neurotraces tries to encourage you to use Linux, these are links of  EDF/EDF+ viewers on Linux ...

.. you  can find more information about other formats used in Clinical Neurophysiology  HERE, and ...

... you will find more information on Clinical Neurophysiology in our
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November, 2004

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